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K_FLOW Production

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

I never seem to get tired of doing this. Attempting to create something like saturated simple beauty and doing my best to create a painting with every frame. I cannot thank #KFlow and #AprilPabon enough for giving me the opportunity as a cinematographer and producer.

Design with Ease

Calling for a backdrop from our favorite 90's music videos.

Production wise, this was an exercise in creating something out of nothing. April Pabon, photographer and art director extraordinaire, mapped out the locations weeks in advance. Calling for a classic backdrop similar to our favorite 90's East Coast music videos. Even down to the warm tones, with K-Flow's stature lending awesomely to the golden hour light.

Overall, this was fun as hell and an awesome learning experience for us all! LEAD DIRECTOR AND CREATIVE DIRECTION April Pabon


©2018 April Pabon & @AUTEURIANPRO

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