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About last night.... ....when we came, we saw, we kicked it's ass! IFC Center!!

So 80's jargon out the way, I had the distinct honor of being a guest for the screening of our comedy film, The Last Rodriguez. Written and directed by Tania Luna and starring Brian Luna amongst a whole cast of crazy characters, I was brought in as cinematographer (and the s*** hitting the fan- consultant) for the entire project.

Considering everyone's schedules, especially with working acting comedians quite a few in improv), we shot pages over the course of several weekends within a near-2 month period. Keeping the crew small and compact, our team comprised of myself, April Pabon who served as assistant camera (1st AC) lighting assistant and AD at times and Angel ____ also as 2nd AC

Probably the most fun I've ever had on set, there were way too many instances where I had to force muffle myself from bursting out in laughter from some of these scenes. Brian was hilarious damn near everyday and there wasn't an instance of downtime where we didn't geek out over comic book lore and his beastly collection.

To make things sweeter, Bronxnet TV was in attendance to be our guest for the night. Grabbing interviews from Tania, Brian, April and myself, we also had a crazy Q&A session.

Now behind the scenes....I was sick as a dog. Either something I ate, or possibly nerves from the day, but by the time Nini and I settled into our seats, I began to overheat and nausea kicked in sumthin' fierce!! Let's just say my long hiatus from puking finally came to an end and I've never been more appreciative of nearby trash bins


So yeah, back on subject, we even had a marquee on display for the theater. Tania and Brian I dunno how you two pulled this off, but I've never been in a more proud moment!

To catch up, check out The Last Rodriguez on VIMEO

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