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Ezili Dantor/Freedom & The African Diaspora @Andrew Freedman Home

Updated: May 1, 2019

Texture, power, prestige and history. Probably one of the most inspiring exhibits in the Bronx, the Andrew Freedman home held EZILI DANTOR, FREEDOM AND THE AFRICAN DIASPORA, an event displaying the works of three artists #RodriguezGonzalezBainbridge, as a Bronx based collabo for the event.

In attendance at the Bronx's Andrew Freedman Home

There have been quite a few African diaspora exhibits trending around the country over the past few years. It's really picked up this generation thanks in part to the more outspoken nature of Black Lives Matter, direct call to actions by the Black internet across the board and the major flux of Black feminine awareness (long overdue) within the mass media. This is probably one of THE BEST exhibits I've attended though, with high level quality of detail from wall to wall. We were originally in attendance via Bronxnet TV, with Veronica Guity as the reporter for the evening. BUT the experience was so rich, and so stunning, we stuck around and kept shooting just for ourselves. The whole exhibit was separated into a series of rooms and halls, each one themed by each individual artist, [Yelaine] Rodriguez, [Melanie] Gonzalez and [Benton C.] Brainbridge

K'Nicia King (artist/writer/PR & Social Media correspondent)

Veronica Guity (reporter-BRONXNET/public speaker)

Later that evening there was a gorgeous African bomba dance session, with each dancer adorned in long connecting red cloth, winding down the halls and rooms. All with a finale in front of a bush of CRT televisions, and a queen on her wicker chair throne, onlooking the whole ordeal.

This has definitely become one of the most beautiful experiences of my year!

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