Richard O'Sullivan
Owner, Lost Colony Entertainment

Here's the thing I love about Kahleem. He knows how and when to cut. Meaning, he understands structure and how to build a shot so that it will lead to the next shot (and the next series of shots). 

That doesn't mean I would ever let him (or any other breathing human being) EDIT my movie (seriously, I've turned down millions of dollars so I wouldn't have to give up final cut) but the fact that he's skilled in the art of editing and is a student of film structure, makes him one of the strongest cinematographers I know. 

I haven't had a lot of moments with Kahl where I had to bang my head against the table having to make his shots flow when I'm slicing the film together (something that happened a lot with previous DP's). His eye is almost my eye. Years ago, when I started shooting my own stuff, I got to the point where I only trusted myself to get the shots I wanted (even though I hated the lighting process and worrying about lenses and lugging around heavy camera rigs and all that, which distracted me from the other aspects of setting the mode on-set). Having a DP who "gets that" is as important as having actors like Jimmy Mount who get my script dialog. When that stuff comes together, I can basically just take a nap.


Julia Vishnev
Assistant Project Manager, LEED Green Associate

Kahleem did a promo video for my belly dancing, and I left it all up to him. He taped a few of my shows, and came up with a beautiful, extremely well-edited video. Everyone who sees it can't believe the excellent quality, and say it looks like a real movie. I would highly recommend him for any film project.


Stephen Quadros
Commentator/ Actor

It doesn't get better than Kahleem Poole.


James Mount

Kahleem has a gift, no other way to put it. He is enormously invested in his craft - ridiculously knowledgeable and so enthusiastic about both the art and technology. That said - he just has "it". His eye is impeccable, his ability to effortlessly frame a shot in the most ideal manner no matter what constraints there may be. On top of all of it - he's nice. Like, super-nice. An all-in "has your back" team-player who is an absolute pleasure to work with. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Andrea Korstein
Writer/ Producer/Actor

Kahleem shot a full-length comedy pilot I co-created. He was an absolute pleasure to work with; very fun and relaxed while also extremely focused. The footage came out beautifully. I would work with him again in an instant!


Sean Reidy

He was great to work with. Always professional and on-time to set. In addition, we got amazing looking footage for a great price. We will definitely use him again. Cannot recommend enough.