Love your style! We just did a <a href="">hoverboard</a> calendar and it was fine, but we could've used a professional :)
shahram Alidi
Hi I just see your intrest to two advice of darus khondji I like to knowmore eachother Kahl it will be my pleasure I am kurdish iranian dir that my long feature film was in Cannnes 2009. Also my new script was among 10best in the world cinema 2012 in cinemas du monde cannes hope to conect our paoet for painting as I paint before comming to cinema . Best Shahram
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Dom D
Hello Kahleem, I am contacting you from STALKR, a production company & independent footage collective. We are currently working on a commercial for a beverage distributor. We came across one of your films, "Afropunk Festival NYC 2015.YOUNG PARIS” ( ) which has footage we think could work in this spot. We'd like to know if you would be interested in licensing a short extract for this commercial and if we could present it to the agency. Unfortunately, we are on a very tight deadline so I would need to hear from you by tomorrow (3/25/2016) at the latest in order to be considered. Best if you could get back to me via email rather than through the messaging system. My email address is Alternatively, if you prefer to chat, you can leave me your number and I can call you, or I am reachable on 323)915-7278. I look forward to hearing from you. STALKR Reference: /case 1626 Many thanks, Dom
Thanks for sharing it. Would love to read more on this. - <a href="">Skque</a>


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